GEANBAYE Dog Hats with Funny Propeller, Size and Rope Double Adjustment Pet Hats for Small Middle and Large Dog (Iridescent)


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  • Fixed Rope AND Spring Buckle:There is a fixed rope and adjustable buckle on the hat. No matter how big your dog’s head is or how vigorous your dog is doing, it will keep the hat on the dog’s head. Adjust the tightness without making your dog feel uncomfortable.
  • SPECIAL SWEAT BAND:100% natural cotton sweat band, ensuring that the whole hat is pure cotton, especially the sweat band of the hat. Unlike other brands of hats, it is 100% cotton, ensuring sweat absorption and true breathability when sweating, keeping the head comfortable.
  • ADJUSTABLE DESIGN: GEANBAYE dog hats have adjustable back,so you can adjust it to fit head of your dog, whether your pet is a large dog, a medium dog or a small dog, this hat is suitable.
  • Multipurpose :When you usually lead your dog out or greet Christmas and New Year holidays, this is a very suitable hat for dogs, and it will also add a lot of happiness to you and your family and friends.

Customer Reviews

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Absolutely HILARIOUS, tons of laughs & serotonin

put this propeller hat on all the dogs in my life & they didn’t seem to mind it too much as long as the chin/neck straps weren’t too tight. their ears go between the front & back strap. i had to tie a knot at the end of both straps because there wasn’t a stop to prevent it from coming undone but that’s not a huge deal. it would kind of get crooked if they shaked & flapped their head around but just quickly adjust it. propeller spins really fast like it has a bearing! was kind of surprised the stitch quality. best $13 ever spent

Funny and cute hat for dogs

This stylish fashion dog hat is so much fun, now my dog wears it all the time. This is a great hat for going out, the hat is fun and provides shade for my dog. I've bought 5 of these hats, and the funny thing is, when I don't wear them, my dog doesn't get used to them. lol···, I think my dog is very smart, when he sees himself wearing this hat in the mirror, the dog seems to be smiling, the brim of the hat is just enough to cover the dog's eyes, when we are outdoors the sun is very strong , highly recommend this hat for your dog to try. Of course, when I first started wearing it, my dog also showed discomfort

Angela Wong
Love the hat my dog not a fan.. lol

So I really like the dog hat and bought a matching one for me. I will say there is a learning curve on how to put it on your dog. One of the hat straps came out of the slider, but I am going to try and figure out how to fix it...


Not really clear how this us supposed to fit onto my dog. Seems well made enough though.

Funny and cute


The first is lost but the second is fine!

I think the sun dogs accessories of geanbaye are the best/price best /style best/covered best/stay best/party best After my inquiry, geanbaye shop is the best seller. This hat can block the strong sun on the beach, and the brim of the hat can cover the part of the head with less hair to protect the skin. At the same time, you can match it with any dogs clothing, wear easy keeping easy stay easy and fits well.

Susan Woodson
My dog loves wearing this hat!!

I got this as a surprise for my husband. He said our dog needed a hat. My dog LOVES wearing it. He puts a smile on everyone’s faces when he’s in it.

11/10 would recommend

Great hat. Much approved. 11/10 Juniper rated

Best purchase in a long time

Hat for both dogs and horses. We had so much fun putting this hat on all the horses at the barn. We even rode with the hat tied to the bridle. It provided so many laughs! If you are on the fence defiantly buy it!!


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