How To Choose A Hat

First, choose the right hat according to your face shape. There are three main types of human faces: square (Chinese character face), round (round face) and pointed (pointed face). Wearing a bowler hat on a round face makes the face look bigger and the hat smaller. Such as wearing a wide peaked cap is more appropriate. A person with a pointed face will appear thinner if he wears a peaked cap. Therefore, it is more appropriate to wear a round hat. All hats are more suitable for people with square face.
Secondly, choose a hat according to your figure. For tall people, the hat should be large rather than small, otherwise it will give people a feeling of being light-headed and heavy-footed. People with short stature will link or reverse the picture. Tall women should not wear tall caps, otherwise they will give the impression that they have grown taller again. Short women should not wear flat hats, which will make them look even shorter. Wearing a hat is the same as wearing clothes. You should try to maximize your strengths and avoid your weaknesses. Even if you are satisfied with wearing it, you must make people look good. The form and color of the hat must be matched with the clothes, scarves, gloves and shoes. Ladies who wear glasses, don’t wear hats with complicated floral decorations on them, and it’s not advisable to cover your forehead with the hats. The hats should be higher, so as to show your natural and elegant demeanor.
matching hat
Sometimes buy a beautiful hat, but don’t know how to match it? So how can we match the trendy and fashionable hat dress?
How to do it: The color of the brim needs to match your skin tone
If you fall in love with a hat with a round brim, remember to pay attention to the color of the brim to match your skin tone. DRY’s new trendy woolen felt hat is very suitable. The very natural brown color is in harmony with her skin tone, hair color, and clothing color, so that it does not grab the focus of the face, but becomes a Great accessory to complement.
How to do it: Wear a patterned hat
The role of the hat is to make the whole outfit more complete, and it is absolutely irreversible for a chaotic outfit. A strange hat will only deepen the strangeness of a strange outfit.
A fur hat with a fur coat? You must know that matching good things together does not necessarily make a suitable outfit. If you choose a knitted beanie or a cute newsboy hat, it will look better when paired with this leather jacket.
A chunky and chunky knitted round hat can completely wrap the hair in its stomach. What you need to do is to let the bangs or some hair scattered on the side of the face come out naturally, and put the hat as far as possible Wear it to the back of your head, don’t press your bangs too much.

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